Up & Orange,
Soaring melodies, Chunky Grooves, Drum & Bass Driven Electronica, Americana

The origins of Up & Orange can be traced back to one moment when 11-year-old Owen Dudley became possessed with playing improvised music. Originally a classical violin and piano student, he gravitated towards the rock and blues music of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, and later in his teenage years discovered the music of the jazz greats and jam bands. He indulged equally in the long form improvisations of bands like Phish and Medeski Martin & Wood, and in the wisdom of jazz pioneers such as Miles Davis and John Coltrane. All the while still garnishing an appreciation for Americana and the great songwriters, this led Owen towards composing in a style founded on adventurous and free-spirited instrumental forms, but with natural and memorable melodies that would inspire a vocalist to sing along.

After finishing high school in the Hartford area of Connecticut, Owen studied for 2 years with mentors Steve Blair and Andy Moroz (Trey Anastasio Band) before a desire for even more musical exposure led Owen to New York City, where he graduated with his music degree at The New School. While in New York, he discovered bassist Sam Minaie, who was performing with the Wayne Krantz trio at the 55 bar in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. Owen was floored by Minaie’s innovation and deadly accuracy in the groove rock setting and later approached him at a jam session in Brooklyn to work together. Sam quickly became an integral part of Up & Orange and recommended a long-time friend and drummer Caleb Dolister. With decades’ playing experience between them and a similar taste for improvised music with a rock foundation, the rhythm section duo was an instant fit for Owen’s compositions.

Ignited by a shared vision and the joy of continually surprising each other with each outing, Up & Orange are elated to be performing and look forward to coming to your town!